Ego V3 Mega | Ego V V3 Mega battery

The Ego V V3 Mega 1300 mAh battery is the newest variable voltage battery offered through ekocigs.

The Ego V3 Mega is based on the first Ego v v2 Mega but it has several improvements that include:

  • Watt adjustment
  • Ohms reading
  • 100 mAh more

The V3 Mega still allows you to adjust the voltage and displays the battery meter but the two mentioned upgrades make it the best variable passthrough battery on the market.


Model Number: ego v v3 mega
Model: ego v v3 mega
Dimension: Length: 5.07 inches  x Diameter: 0.70 inces
Battery capacity: 1300mAh
Voltage: 3.0V-6.0V increments in 0.1 V
Working wattage: 3.0-15.0W
Feature: Optional or Adjustable Watt from 3.0 to 15.0w
Lock function: 5 times lock function  with 10 s safety protection
Charging connector : USB passthrough
Certificate: CE, RoHS

The Ego V3 Mega battery gives you the ability to read the ohms of any 510 clearomizer that is attached in order for you to vary the voltage and wattage for the most optimal vaping experience.

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Kangertech Unitank Review | Preorder Unitank

Kangertech UnitankThe Kanger Unitank is the latest offering by Kangertech.  The UniTank comes only weeks after the Prtank II is released.  The Unitank is a glass top fed glassomizer that features replaceable drip tip and glass body.  The unitank can hold 2.5ml of e juice and based on Kanger’s history, it is going to be a top seller. is offering preorders for the Kanger Unitank and promises all order will be delivered by November 1st 2013.

The main difference between Protank II and prior versions VS. the Unitank is that you can fill the tank from the top.  Most other Kangers including EVOD are loaded by screwing off the bottom of the tank.  This upgrade can be a great convenience especially good for preventing leaks.


  • Top filling
  • Bottom heating
  • Glass body
  • Replaceable coil
  • Replaceable Drip Tip



New Magnetic Electornic Cigarettes |

The newest magnetic E-Cig is taking the electronic cigarette market by surprise by completely redesigning and reinventing the electronic cigarette. If we think back to the original E-cigs, they tried to mimic regular analog cigarettes as much as possible and then they evolved. The evolution of the electronic cigarette jumped into an arena of larger batteries, clearomizers, glassomizers, rebuiildable tanks, MoDS, and that is only the beginning.

As electronic cigarettes gain more momentum and popularity, the design, look and feel of the electronic cigarette is just as important as the function. The Amanoo Elecronic cigarette found a way to combine form and function in this new and very attractive electronic cigarette. The Amanoo E cig combines both the battery and the tank in order to save space and make the electronic cigarette easier to use.

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Ego V V2 Mega 1200mah kit

The Ego V V2 Mega pass-through battery is one of the most advanced variable voltage e cig batteries available.  The battery has several useful and cool features that we will get into in a moment.  This battery is an upgrade from the original Ego V V which is smaller and may not have a pass-through feature depending on the version you get.  The original is thinner and a lighter but the Ego V V2 Mega is just what it sounds like=> MEGA and you can tell the difference immediatly when you hold it. 

Ego V V2 Mega features:

  • Pass-through
  • Variable Voltage
  • Voltage lock
  • Five click shut off
  • 510 threading
  • Computer or wall charging

 Overall, the Ego V V2 Mega battery is versital enough for beginners and powerful enough for the vaping pro. offers the Ego V V2 in a full kit that includes the following for the price of $49.99 with free shipping.

  1. 1 Carry case with dual zipper
  2. 1 Ego V V2 Mega battery
  3. 1 CE 5 atomizer
  4. 1 USB cable
  5. 1 10Ml bottle of ejuice of your choice
  6. 1 instructional manual

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Hookah Pens

The Hookah Pen is the latest trend in the electronic cigarette arena. It is basically a portable Hookah that has become widely popular with new smokers and younger people. The pen usually comes in very nice bright colors and with low or zero nicotine added.

The allure of the hookah pen does not come from wanting to quit smoking tobacco analog cigarettes but instead the array of flavors available. It is a recreational pass time and gives the smoker something to do while sometimes not doing anything. is a new site that gives lots of detailed information on hookah pens including how they work and where to buy them.

Generally speaking, most disposable hookah pens will give you about 500 to 1000 puffs and they sell for about $10 to $15 depending on where you get them.

Flavors include strawberry, blueberry, tobacco, grape, coffee, and peach just to name a few and the great thing is that the hookah pens do not contain the addictive substance nicotine.

Overall, the hookah pen is mostly for fun and to pass the time.  So far there have not been any reports of anyone becoming sick or getting any bad results from using a hookah pen.

Made in USA E Juice

When it comes to choosing the best E Juice, many are starting to favor E liquid made in the USA. While this logic is based mostly on the idea that Chinese made E Juice is either of a lower quality or possibly contaminated, the logic is not 100% sound. E Juice is made of the same ingredients (we think) and therefore if the E Juice is made in the USA or in another country, it should be the same right?
Not entirely. There is a saying that perception is 90% truth and if we perceive USA E Juice to be superior, then that is our reality.

There are plenty of companies that are strictly selling USA made E Juice however there are others that continue to sell Chinese E Juice with no problems. As a way to comfort those that belive USA made E Juice is superior, there are sites like that have chosen to specialise in USA made high grade vegetable E Juice (and only that).

Companies like give consumers peace of mind and they offer higher quality products. Offering over 30 different flavors in two nicotine strengths, MadeinUSAejuice is our pick site to get high qulaity and a full range of USA made e juice.

Why choose Vegetable E Juice?
There are essentially two types of E Juices to choose from: Vegetable or (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG).

1.More Vapor
2.Slightly less flavor
3.Naturally sweeter
4.More Viscous (thicker)
5.Slightly lower shelf life

1.Less vapor
2.Can possibly triggers allergies
3.More distinct
4.Easier to handle
5.Tends to last longer
6.Better for tobacco flavors

Most people favor the VG for some of the more obvous reasons including higher qulaity and better ability to produce sweeter flavors. In the end, the main point is to go with the best USA made e juice.

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Eko Cigs Personal Vapor Makes a comeback

After approximately four years, the pioneer in the electronic cigarette business, makes a long awaited comeback with a fresh look at what they call “Personal Vapor”.    The company has used the time to improve the quality of electronic cigarettes while remaining the most affordable option on the market. 

“Personal Vapor” is just that, personal! It does not infringe on other people’s space nor does it harm anyone. It is your own choice to use Ekocigs and it is a personal choice” said Ariel Perez, CEO of Ekocigs Inc. Electronic cigarettes have evolved since they first appeared on the scene but the basics remain and Eko Cigs is counting on providing the basics as well as advancements in quality at a price point that is sure to disrupt the major players in the business. 

“The idea in the comeback is simple:  Improve the website experience with a new look and feel, add security to give our customers peace of mind, and offer the best products at a ridiculously low price” added Ariel Perez.  “We will prove that we are the best providers of electronic cigarettes, not just in Miami, Fl but throughout the nation.” 

Ekocigs offers the all in one Silver Eko kit for $49.99. This useful starter kit includes a personal charger, two long usage batteries, standard charger, and a standard five pack cartomizer of your choice (regular, menthol, cherry). They also offer disposable options and will soon come out with a CubinZ Cigar brand that is sure to be a hit.

In addition to the re-branding of Ekocigs, the company will offer affiliate opportunities for anyone to earn 20% in sales as well as new monthly coupon codes to give even deeper savings. “This is only the beginning for the comeback” reiterated Ariel Perez. “I am excited to see the brand come back and I look forward to much more!”

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Blu Cigs latest products

Menthol cigarettes banned | Harder to quit says the FDA

An FDA panel comprised of scientists, doctors, and other health experts proposed a ban on menthol cigarettes citing menthol cigarettes are more addictive and harder to quit.  Saying Friday:  the “removal of menthol cigarettes from the marketplace would benefit the public health.”  Menthol cigarettes make up about 30 percent of the cigarettes market so it is clear this segment should be paid attention to.  As with any damaging and potentially hazardous substance, any recommendation to help stop the use is beneficial to the public and individuals using the product.  The committee spent over a year analyzing data and concluded that while menthol cigarettes do not pose a greater overall health threat, the menthol ingredient does entice new smokers more than regular cigarettes and this factor says the FDA is the reason more new smokers are made.   This recommendation comes as a surprise since chocolate and clove cigarettes have already been banned because these candy flavors  are designed to hook youngsters, teens, and keep the population smoking.

Why hasn’t menthol been banned yet though if it is such a problem?  One might guess that the loss of 30% of the tobacco companies victims would indubitably hurt the bottom line.  The FDA recommending to ban them is the FDA’s way of trying to clear themselves for not taking stronger action however.  In general, all tobacco smoking is bad and instead of trying to ban a flavor here and there, there ought to be more promotion to smoking alternatives such as electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have been around for a number of years and while is is not permitted to promote them as quit smoking aides, there have been many stories where people have used electronic cigarettes to quit smoking.  No one wants new smokers tobacco or electric and that is why most electric cigarette companies have reduced the number of flavors being offered.  Most only offer menthol, regular, and cherry but there are hundreds of flavors on the market.

One thing to note is that tobacco cigarettes, no matter what flavor they come in bring other carcinogens and tar that are inhaled into the lungs not to mention the addictive substance nicotine.  Electronic cigarettes also offer flavor and nicotine but there are options to reduce and even ELIMINATE the nicotine from your electronic cigarette which makes the electronic cigarette a better choice.

Electric Cigarette w/ build in MP3 Player

Electric Cigarettes and MP3 players don’t seem to be two things that go together.  An MP3 player for the most part is used to listen to and store music.  It is a popular form of entertainment and most everyone either owns one or through other means is able to playback MP3.  Most Cell Phones can store and playback MP3s so it is a natural move to take MP3 players all over.  While you don’t think of MP3s and Electronic cigarettes as having somthing in common, you should now.  I recently saw the latest in Electric Cigarettes and MP3 players: The combination of an Electric Cigarette PCC (Portable Charging Case) with the capability of playing and storing MP3s.

Electronic cigarettes have come a long way and made many advances.  The latest in electronic cigarettes is the marriage of MP3 players and the popular PCC.  By now the electronic cigarette has proven to be an effective alternative to smoking an it has established itself to the point of being comfortable enough to add accessories like an MP3 player.  If the popularity continues, I would expect to see other things incorporated into the Portable Charging Case (PCC) like a camera, video screen, and maybe even a cell phone.

For many who have started and continue using electronic cigarettes with the PCC, it has become an extension of themselves.  Most will not even leave home without it just like we might not leave home without a cell phone or your American Express.